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Our professional virtual receptionists can be answering your incoming telephone calls in minutes. Why waste time answering your own calls?

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Here at Virtual HQ, we can help you to present a professional image to your valued customers. Our experienced telephonists can be answering all of your incoming calls for a very reasonable fee.

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Business callers hate leaving messages with automated answering machines. Why risk missing another call when you can have your own personalised live call answering service.

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Your calls will be answered during business hours by UK based professional receptionists (after hours we may use our staff in Australia or the USA). We don't cut corners like some of our competitors by sending calls to offshore call centres. Many of our customers clients think that the receptionist is actually sitting in the customers office. Our prices are really competitive and getting a virtual receptionist is much cheaper than employing a physical staff member in your business.

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Flexible Features

Our service is extremely flexible. Use us as much or as little as you need. Some customers just use us for overflow work or as support for holiday periods or busy periods while others use us for all of their calls. Our virtual assistants can also do a whole range of tasks to make your life that little bit easier. Once your incoming call has been answered then you can either have it forwarded on to another phone number or have us send through an email with details of the caller and the message.

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Fully Trained Staff

We employ a team of highly skilled professional fully trained receptionists whose main aim is to make you and your business look good. We target is that we answer 95% of incoming telephone calls in 6 rings. You can rest assured that Your calls will be safe in the hands of our experienced professionals. We have an extensive history of answering calls for a variety of businesses. We answer calls for more than 6,000 businesses in a range of sectors throughout the UK, USA & Australia.

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Affordable phone answering solutions

Setting up and running a small business involves wearing a lot of different hats. One minute you can be the star sales person getting a new customer over the line while the next minute you are coding all of your invoices for your external bookkeeper. Five minutes after that you could be fixing an office machine or heading to the nearest stationery supplier. If you are answering your own calls at the same time then even some of the simpler tasks can potentially go off the rails.

It doesn't have to be like this. Rather than try to do everything yourself, why not look at outsourcing the telephone answering to us. Think of all of the spare time that you will have to focus on the things that you do best once you offload all of that telephone answering.

Our system is really easy to set up. Firstly, we allocate a unique telephone number to your account. This number is the number that our professional receptionists will be answering. You then need to redirect your existing business number to the number that we have allocated. You can transfer calls immediately if you want or you can transfer after a specific number of rings. It is totally up to you. Once that is done you need to tell us what greeting you want us to use when answering your calls and how you want to receive your messages. Once this is done we can then start answering your calls. It's really that easy!

IThe service itself makes a lot of financial sense for businesses of all sizes. A new customer can set up the basic service for just £15 per month and our average small business customer spends around the £50 per month mark. This really isn't a lot of money to gain the security that you know that none of your calls are being missed. We are so confident in our people and our service that we quite readily offer new customers the opportunity to test the service out for 7 days at absolutely no cost to them. It is a no obligation trial and we don't ask for any credit card details at this stage. Once you have tried it out we are quite confident that you will hang around. n move on to telephone answering. Our average customer stays for around 3 years so you will be in good company.

Virtual Headquarters - telephone answering services

Setting Up Our Virtual Receptionist Service

When you sign up to get our no obligation 7 Day FREE Trial, we allocate you a telephone number. This number will either be a local telephone number or will be an 0800 number (for a small additional fee). The allocated phone number is the number that we will be answering. Once signed up you are also given access to our custom written world class control panel. When you log in to our control panel you will be able to tell us what greeting you want when we answer your calls and what you want us to do with those calls once we have answered them. It really is an easy thing to do and if you feel at any stage that there is something you don't quite understand then we are just on the other end of the phone and will be happy to help.

Accessing our control panel is really quite easy. Firstly you are able to login using the web page that we will forward to you when you sign up or you are able to download an iPhone or Android app (free to download from the Apple & Google Play stores) and access it that way. Once logged in to the control panel you are then in a position to change your settings. If you want you are able to set your profile to "do not disturb" if you need our receptionists to answer all incoming calls or you can tell us that you would like us to transfer your calls to one of your colleague or to an alternate telephone number. Our service is really flexible and it gives you the tools that you need to outsource your phone answering services.

You Will Be With Good Company

Currently we answer phone calls for greater than 6,000 businesses across the world. These businesses range from small one and two person bands to divisions of multi national companies. We answer calls for a large number of people in the legal industry ranging from small solicitors and barristers to medium sized legal firms. Many of our customers work in the digital world with a large number of designers, architects, IT professionals, internet marketers plus many more. The great thing about our service is that we can easily customise it to suit almost any business.

Your Account Will Grow With Your Business

Unlike employing a physical receptionist when you sign up for a virtual receptionist you only pay for what you use. With a physical receptionist you will still need to be paying whether you have calls coming in or not plus when the staff member heads home sick or heads off on holiday. With our packages you only need to pay for your calls plus if you think you are going to need a specific number of calls we have really affordable packages. Don't worry about locking in to something you might not use, at any time you can upgrade or downgrade your package to ensure that the package that you are receiving matches your requirements.

We Will Charge You By The Call, Not By The Minute

When you operate a small business you want to be reasonably certain of your costs for any service. The average customer does not know what there average call length is and does not want to be penalised if they suddenly receive an excessively long but useless call. This is why we charge our customers on the basis of how many calls they receive. If you want to compare our rates to our competitors our average call length is around 1.5 minutes. If you do the comparison you will see that we are provide a really great value service for our customers.

Our Virtual Receptionist Service Can Save You Time

When you think about it a large percentage of the calls that you receive on a daily basis are a complete waste of your time. What percentage of your daily calls are from people wanting to sell you a new electricity service or offer you an office cleaning service. Why not keep a note pad next to your phone and keep track of how many calls are important to your business and how many are time wasters.

When you get a phone answering service with you will be able to wave goodbye to a huge number of those time wasters. Our receptionists will answer the telephone on behalf of your business and then forward you a brief email message detailing who the caller was and what they called about. If your business receives 20 of these calls each day then you might decide to review all of the messages at the same time, wasting only a few minutes of your time instead of an hour!

As well as the time wasters and those annoying recorded messages you will also get the bonafide clients who just need to locate your office or enquire as to whether you have parking available. Our personable and helpful receptionists can answer these calls and give advice where it is needed. Once again saving you precious time.

Many different studies from across the world have tried to estimate the % of management time that is wasted on administrative tasks like filing and answering the phone. Regardless of whether the magical figure is 20%, 25% or 30% any waste of your valuable management time means that it is less time that you have to make money for your business.

If you could claw back just 1 hour of wasted time per week what value would that add to your business. That extra hour could be allocated to building strategic relationships or brainstorming ways to take your business forward. By making use of's receptionists it is feasible that you and your team might claw back 3,4,5 or 6 hrs each week. Valuable time which could be refocussed more efficiently across your business.

When you got in to your current business it is quite likely that you did so because you were good at what you do and thought that you could make a difference. You didn't contemplate that you could be spending 20% of your time attending to time wasting telephone calls.

One of the wonderful characteristics of the online world is that it has given us a huge variety of really affordable services to help us make our businesses run smoother and more cost effectively. makes use of a number of these online technologies to create time saving and cost efficient services which can significantly benefit both you and your business.

Don't just take our word for it why not test us out for free for 7 days by signing up for a FREE TRIAL. You really don't have anything to lose. The one biggest complaint that we regularly hear from customers is "I wish I knew about this sooner, it has really changed the way I work!"

Our Receptionists Can Do More Than Answer Your Telephone

When you visualise phone answering companies you will likely see an image of a message taking service. A receptionist who simply answers those incoming calls, jots down the message and forwards it through to you by email. Here at we can certainly do that if that is all you want however we have a whole spectrum of other tasks that we can also do for you.

One option is for you to simply use our service as a replacement for your current receptionist. We will answer all those incoming phone calls and direct them to the suitable staff member. If your caller simply needs to get basic company information then we will answer their questions on your behalf. In-house receptionists can be really expensive. Think of the money that you can save by simply paying for the work done. Also, with our call answering staff you won't need to worry about lunch time, sick leave or any holiday leave.

Another brilliant service that is on offer here at is the ability to forward any of your incoming phone calls to an alternate phone number. Eg, say you are travelling for business and you are are staying in a country hotel, with our admin console you can log in and specify what the number is that you can be reached on. We will then forward through your incoming calls to that hotel number. It is also possible to give us the numbers of staff or colleagues who can take your incoming calls on your behalf. If you are not available then we will forward those calls on to someone who is. Think of all the potential new business that you will generate if you have a method to ensure that every incoming phone call gets answered by a suitable person. We will help keep your business tracking along while you are travelling the country!

Finally, our virtual assistant service is available to help you take care of a whole variety of sales related tasks. Our VA's are charged out by the minute and can help your customers fill out web forms, can answer FAQ's from your customers and can even help your customers complete surveys.

Our answering service software is world class and has been written by experts with decades of experience in the industry. Our software has been written with you in mind and we are constantly looking at new ways that we can make your life easier. Don't just take our word for it, we have thousands of happy customers around the world who use our system and keep using it because it provides services that they want and need. We don't need to lock our customers into lengthy agreements, our customers stay because they can genuinely see the value in what we do.

Test drive our state of the art service today. What have you get to lose!

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