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Virtual assistant service

It makes really good business sense to get a virtual assistant. The costs involved with employing a physical person are increasing all of the time. Not only do you have to pay out for salary cost but you also need to cover for holidays, sick leave, taxes plus potentially pension. On top of this you have all of those invisible costs like office space, internet connection, staff amenities plus more. Things are different when you choose to use a virtual assistant from Virtual HQ. With our service you only need to pay for the actual time that our VA is performing the work. Here at Virtual HQ we charge you by the minute for the work you get done, That way you only need to pay for the actual time that you use. As a huge bonus, with our services you will be able to scale your structure up really quickly whenever it needs to be scaled. If you have just launched a new marketing campaign or if you have a new product that you need to launch then you can scale things up in just a matter of hours. Compare that to trying to ramp things up with in-house staff.

The key features

Our VA's are very flexible when it comes to the type of work that they can do. Listed below are some of tasks that current customers get their virtual assistants to do:

Answer your incoming calls

Similar to our Virtual Receptionist Service, our professional virtual staff can be available to answer your incoming phone calls. Our virtual assistants will be able to take messages from your customers (these can then be forwarded to your email or smart phone) or the VA can transfer these incoming phone calls to a telephone number that you have provided, eg. home, mobile or another staff members number. It is just like having your own personal assistant to answer phone calls in a professional manner and then expertly manage those calls. Think of the time you will save and all of the strategic tasks you will be able to focus on.

Information gathering for your business

Need to contact your customers and collect information about what they like or dislike about your service? Why not use our VA's to answer your calls and then ask a few questions prior to transferring the call. Our fully trained staff are experts at collecting important information that you need for your business. As they say, information is king, so you will definitely have an advantage if you start to gather all of that data. Another great thing about our service is that you only pay for what you use. If our staff are gathering data for you then we will charge you for the minutes they spend gathering that data.

Handling incoming enquiries

How many times have you had people calling to find out your address or to get advice on where the nearest parking is located? Our virtual assistants can handle a really broad range of enquiries that you might receive for your business. All you have to do is to build up a FAQ database that they can work through every time someone calls in with a question. Once you have that database our staff can simply work through it every time someone calls in with a question. Think of how much easier this is going to make things for your staff and for you. Regardless of any questions that your customers can come up with if you supply our assistants with the answers then they can deal with those questions.

Executive support

At Virtual HQ, we believe in technology and through it delivering the best possible service to our customers. Our experienced virtual assistants are great at dealing with professionals at all levels and will quickly put both you and your customers at ease. We provide a whole range of automated and semi automated services to companies across the world. From our perspective it makes much more sense for a busy executive to be getting on with making money and developing strategic relationships rather than attending to time consuming admin tasks. We are very flexible, if there is a task that can be done remotely using telecommunication and internet technologies then we can potentially do that task for you.

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