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Small and medium sized business owners really need to do it tough these says and end up needing to play a lot of roles. One minute they are having to deal with a difficult customer and the next they are taking incoming phone calls. The next day you could be acting as the inhouse IT specialist and then 5 minutes later you can be trying to get some of your own work completed to earn your wages. This constant switching from one role to another can be exhausting.

Research that was carried out amongst managers in the US showed that the average middle manager spends 25% or more of his/her time attending to admin tasks like answering incoming calls and attending to minor matters. Unfortunately, the way things are trending with incoming calls there is probably only 1 in 5 of these calls that really needs your immediate attention. Instead of wasting all of that valuable time working on the 80% that are a pure distraction you could engage a professional message taking service like VirtualHQ to answer those incoming phone calls and give you back your job.


Your own UK based answering service team


The live telephonists who will be taking your calls are all located in the UK. We feel that it is really important for UK businesses to have local UK based service providers with local UK based staff. We can certainly save money if we offshore our work to Asia however we think that it is worth paying a bit extra to have local English staff because it provides our customers with a much better experience. One of the greatest compliments that we hear in our business is when one of our customers tells us that their callers quite regularly think that the receptionists answering their calls are sitting in the office with them.

Outsourcing your call answering to VirtualHQ makes a lot of positive business sense. The service that we provide is a variable cost to your business (as opposed to the fixed costs of having an inhouse staff member). If you only use us occasionally then you will end up not paying much money at all, if you use us all of the time then you will pay more but it will still be a moderate amount compared to having your own receptionist. If you need to take a week off or if it is the holidays then you will find that your costs will drop for that period. In difficult economic times it really does make good financial sense. Here at VirtualHQ we aim to be transparent when it comes to pricing, we are in this business for the long term and want to build a long term partnership with our customers.

The way the service works is really easy. First, when you sign up for your 7 day free trial we will allocate you with a unique phone number. The number allocated will be either a local number (for an area that you specify) or an 0800 number (for a small fee). Once you have your number you have the option of either diverting your existing phone number to that number immediately or you can divert after a specific number of rings, or you can simply divert to that number when you need the support. It is totally controlled by you and your requirements. Once you have the number sorted out you need to work out what greeting you want us to use when answering your calls. This greeting will be specific to your company and can be changed whenever you need to change it using our iPhone or Android App. Now that you have decided your greeting you just need to tell us how you want to receive your messages. Messages can be received either by email or by sms (for a small fee). Again, it's all your decision.

Our virtual receptionist service has been custom developed by industry experts. We totally understand that you and your staff don't have lot's of time to learn a new system so we made it very intuitive for you to use. Also, if you really don't have time to set everything up for yourself then we are happy for you to call our customer support line and our support staff can help you to get things working the way that you want.

On signing up for a live message service from VirtualHQ we will give your business a FREE 7 day free trial. We are comfortable giving a 7 day trial because we want our customers to be able to test out our system and check the capabilities before committing. We are sure, that together with the 7,000 plus clients that we service worldwide you will absolutely love our service and what we can do to help your company grow.

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