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Whether you need someone to look after overflow calls or you need someone to replace your existing receptionist we have a service that will suit.

The Virtual HQ team

We have a fully trained team of professional receptionists who will be there to field your incoming calls when you need them. All at a great price.

How the Virtual HQ service works

1. Sign up for a FREE trial and get your number instantly

When you apply for your no obligation 7 Day FREE Trial of our phone answering services you will get allocated a unique telephone number in the city of your choice or you could get a Toll Free number if you prefer.

2. Use the allocated number or just forward your existing number

Once you have received your allocated phone number you have the option of either using the number as your main business phone number or you can just divert your existing telephone number to the number provided.

3. Let us know the greeting that you want used and any other info for the receptionists

Using the login provided you will be able to update your greeting whenever you like. When we greet customers it will be exactly the way you have specified. On top of this, YOU decide whether you want calls transferred to you or for a message to be taken. You can also add other specific instructions or info to prepare the receptionist for everything that they need to know.

4. We will start answering your calls instantly!

Now that you have completed the easy setup we are ready to commence answering your incoming calls. Our professional UK based receptionists will greet your callers with the greeting you have provided and then either email or sms you with the details of the message. Alternatively , they could forward the call to another phone number. Why not try it for 7 days at no cost!

Why risk those prospects

Research carried out in the UK has shown that more than 60% of business callers hang up rather than leaving a recorded message on an automated message service. What the majority of these callers then do is they simply check for the number for the next business down the list and call them. They never end up calling you back. This ends up meaning that you don't just only lose a potential client but you also help your competitor to get one!

For only a few pounds each month you could ensure that all prospective clients encounter a live UK based receptionist rather than those automated services. It absolutely makes great business sense to sign up for an account with Virtual HQ.

Call transfer direct to you

If you think about the way we all work these days there will be many occasions when you are simply not sitting at your desk next to your phone. When these situations arise log in to your account and select the status "Available for call transfer" from our console. In this situation our receptionists use your "Find me" numbers (mobile, hotel room, home office etc.) to identify where you are and transfer the call to you.

Message handling

If you are meeting with someone or need to focus on a key project it may well be that you do not want to receive any calls. In this position you log in to the console and select the status "Do Not Disturb". When "Do Not Disturb" shows and you get a call our receptionists will ask your caller for a message. This message will be forwarded to you via email or sms. The message will be sitting in your inbox minutes later.

Calls transferred to one of your colleagues

If needed, our systems have been developed to allow the transfer of your incoming calls to a colleague or another department (eg. Accounting, IT, Sales etc) if needed. This transfer would be carried out based on instructions provided to us by you and using a telephone number list that you provide.

Information given to your callers

So many calls these days are simply requests for information like addresses and parking. This is not a problem for our professional telephonists as they can let your callers know what your company does, company website, address or post code, parking facilities and a whole lot more.

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In just minutes from now we can be answering your incoming calls!

Whether you are located in the UK or anywhere else in the world we have trained telephonists waiting to answer your incoming telephone calls in a prompt and courteous manner. Why don't you test us out today and get to see why more than 7,000 world wide customers use us.

Get a 7 Day FREE Trial today and try our Virtual Receptionist service yourself!

Our customers genuinely love our service. One of the biggest complaints that we hear is: "I had no idea that this service existed, it has really changed my life and the way I do business". Customers regularly say that quite often their callers think that 'our telephonist' is sitting in their own office. Lots of our clients say they wish they had known about the Virtual HQ services years ago.

Professional Call Answering Services

When you sign up for a call answering service you need to be sure that it is with an experienced company that you can trust to get the job done properly each and every time.

You never know when those all important phone calls are going to arrive. The sad truth is that it could be at the same time as a whole range of other insignificant calls and may end up being sent to your voicemail. It really does not have to be that way. With our professional telephone answering service all of your incoming calls can be treated as important and you can prioritise those really important ones. Virtual HQ have a range of monthly plans on offer to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our answering services can be customised to suit your specific business business. Your package will be able to provide anything from a full 24 hour coverage to just overflow coverage which could be just one or two calls a week.Whether you need someone for a regular 9 to 5 Monday to Friday service or an all year round phone coverage service we are the business that can help. We have the expertise to meet your phone call answering needs. You will be left with the time that you need to focus on strategy and to focus on building your business. A Win-Win. Why not call us today and get started with your own telephone answering service? The signup process takes just minutes when you use our FREE trial sign up process.

First impressions are everything in business. If a potential new client calls your company then you need to be sure that the individual who answers that call gives the company the best possible chance. Here at Virtual HQ we employ trained, experienced UK based receptionists who will be that friendly, professional and courteous voice on the other end of the phone. Unlike some of our competitors we don't believe in cutting corners by using offshore call centres to take your incoming calls. Our virtual receptionists are local United Kingdom based staff who really care about your phone calls and who can help you put the best foot forward for your business. Our team of experienced receptionists are the absolute perfect choice for your company and will provide you with the solution to your daily call answering needs. Outsourcing your phone answering to VHQ could save you as much as 60% of the cost of employing an in house staff member to answer those calls. Our receptionists will focus on making you and your company look great. We don't have long term contracts with our customers. Around the world we have over 7,000 customers who stay with us not because we lock them in but because of the great services that we provide. We provide you with a brilliant level of service and you focus on generating business for your company.

Virtual HQ

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